Knowledge Management

We have a great deal of knowledge distributed within and outside of our business; how can we put it in the hands of those that need it?

We have enormous amount of knowledge about our products and applications stored in systems across our business. This knowledge includes specifications, manuals, insight into applications and guides for different operational conditions. Furthermore, as we resolve various operational challenges, more knowledge and valuable experience is created.

All of this knowledge is of little value unless colleagues, partners and customers can find the relevant piece of information easily when he or she needs it.

Impress us with your solution that enables the capture and sharing of knowledge from our colleagues, customers and partners. Could you provide easy and timely, multichannel access to relevant knowledge, wherever it resides.

Solutions to this challenge could involve new knowledge capture or retrieval technology, multi-channel access technologies, context aware AI or even new business models

Your concept or innovation should be capable of delivering benefits to the customers of ABB Drives such as:

While there are traditional information technology solutions solving most of the questions set above, we would like to find something beyond these traditional solutions. Perhaps you can capture tacit knowledge of experienced colleagues, format or process it in some way in order to offer that knowledge to users upon request?

Your concept or innovation should be capable of delivering benefits to the customers of ABB Drives such as:

If you have an innovation or solution which addresses all or part of the challenge above, we would like to hear from you! We are looking to support the development of relevant technologies, provide access to funding, R&D expertise or customers and markets.

Let’s write the future, together.

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How does it work?

Submit your idea

Complete and submit a short application form on this site before 16th August 2019 – only include information already in the public domain

Get shortlisted

We select the best ideas and ventures during August and September 2019 and contact them directly to invite the winners to attend our November pitch day event

Make your pitch

Pitch your idea or venture directly to ABB Drives - we will select the best ideas or ventures to receive an offer from ABB Drives

Get an offer

We will make you an offer which could include funding, lab access, venture support or market access based on your needs

What’s in it for you?

Successful applicants will be invited to pitch their ideas and prototypes directly to ABB Drives at a live pitch event in November 2019 for the opportunity to be selected to receive an IdeaHub offer.

Market Access

If you are ready, we can provide support to access global markets or provide direct access to customers for in-market testing or initial sales

Drives & lab space

We can provide access to industrial drives to further test, refine or prove your solution - we can also provide access to world-class technology experts and provide shared lab space if required

Venture support

Benefit from the advice and expert support of an experienced technology team to develop and accelerate your concept or venture towards funding and revenues


Investment in return for a share of equity - the level of funding will be based on what it takes to get your concept or business to the next significant milestone

Your IdeaHub offer will be designed to successfully take you, your idea and your venture to the next level of development

Our timeline

3 June 2019 Applications open
16 August 2019 Application deadline
August and September 2019 Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews
November 2019 Live pitch event and final selection

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