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Our products are electrical equipment with many features – how could you improve the installation and commissioning process?

The installation of electrical equipment requires safe installation procedures and parameter setting often referred to as commissioning. The more complex the system, the more demanding the commissioning process. A failure in installation and commissioning could result in a catastrophic event.

Currently, when electrical equipment is delivered to a customer site, a technician is required to complete the installation and commissioning process. Often, the set-up is done by our customer or their subcontractors without deep knowledge of the features of our products.

Once installed and safety and operational checks are complete, the electrical equipment is operational - but not necessary running in an optimal manner. We believe our customers could gain more energy savings and improved control by better use of the features already included in our products.

Impress us with your solution that helps improve quality and reduce time required in the set-up and commissioning of physical products.

Solutions to this challenge could include guided introductions to the features of new products, online monitoring tools for installation processes, new support technologies, remote monitoring for shipped equipment. It could also include new business models around the sale and operation of complex products.

Your concept or innovation should be capable of delivering benefits to the customers of ABB Drives during the installation and commissioning of electrical equipment such as:

If you have an innovation or solution which addresses all or part of the challenge above, we would like to hear from you! We are looking to support the development of relevant technologies, provide access to funding, R&D expertise or customers and markets.

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3rd June 2019

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Complete and submit a short application form on this site before 16th August 2019 – only include information already in the public domain

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We select the best ideas and ventures during August and September 2019 and contact them directly to invite the winners to attend our November pitch day event

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Pitch your idea or venture directly to ABB Drives - we will select the best ideas or ventures to receive an offer from ABB Drives

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We will make you an offer which could include funding, lab access, venture support or market access based on your needs

What’s in it for you?

Successful applicants will be invited to pitch their ideas and prototypes directly to ABB Drives at a live pitch event in November 2019 for the opportunity to be selected to receive an IdeaHub offer.

Market Access

If you are ready, we can provide support to access global markets or provide direct access to customers for in-market testing or initial sales

Drives & lab space

We can provide access to industrial drives to further test, refine or prove your solution - we can also provide access to world-class technology experts and provide shared lab space if required

Venture support

Benefit from the advice and expert support of an experienced technology team to develop and accelerate your concept or venture towards funding and revenues


Investment in return for a share of equity - the level of funding will be based on what it takes to get your concept or business to the next significant milestone

Your IdeaHub offer will be designed to successfully take you, your idea and your venture to the next level of development

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3 June 2019 Applications open
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November 2019 Live pitch event and final selection

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